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MashCraft Fishers

After living in downtown Indianapolis for the past several years, I was spoiled by being surrounded by amazing local craft microbreweries within short walking or biking distance .  I recently moved back to Fishers, IN  and was thrilled when MashCraft Brewing opened a new location near my home.  MashCraft consistently has a large variety of beers on tap and I feel that they are producing some of the most unique and flavorful beers in Indy.  They really have something for everyone and always keep my taste buds enlightened.

Patio at MashCraft Fishers

MashCraft has three locations in the Indy area, Greenwood, Indianapolis on Delaware Street, and in Fishers.  All three locations are very different.  Greenwood is located in a strip mall area slightly south of Indianapolis and is the largest of the three.  It has more of a typical pub vibe and is good for hosting larger events.  The Delaware Street location is more trendy and located in a popular urban downtown neighborhood, Fall Creek Place.  It has cool glass garage doors that they open on nice days to accommodate a small outside seating area. Overall, the Delaware Street location has my favorite atmosphere of the three locations.  Fishers is also located in a strip mall area north of Indianapolis and has a nice patio that can be enjoyed during warmer weather.  The staff has always been friendly and I enjoy sitting at their bar, treating myself to a beer after a Saturday of yard work.

I recently decided to go checkout the latest beer menu at the Fishers location, to see what’s new.  My favorite over the past few months has been the Jamaica Joe, a coffee infused red ale, and is normally what fills my weekend growler.  But today, I wanted to break from my beer comfort zone and try something new, so I split a couple of beer flights with my husband.  In addition to making great local beer, they also have a yummy food menu. I feasted on their past weekend special, Stacy's Mom, buffalo style tater tots covered in sriracha pulled chicken, blue cheese cream and queso good!

Tasting Room at MashCraft Fishers

Tasting Room at MashCraft Fishers

Stacy's Mom and Mac n Cheese at MashCraft Fishers

Top Three Beer Picks from MashCraft Fishers, August 2018

Tasting Flight at MashCraft Fishers

Down Wit It - Belgian Wit – Favorite of the Night

Maybe it’s because it’s hot outside; maybe it’s because I’m trying to hold on to the last bit of summer, but Down Wit It was my favorite today.  This light bodied beer offered soft grapefruit/citrus flavors, a bit of herb and baking spice (maybe coriander, couldn’t quite place it). The Greenwood location currently has a java infused version, Java Down Wit It and on August 8, 2018, they are tapping their limited production, pepper infused version, Habanero Wit, a combination of Down Wit It and Habanero peppers.  I think I’m going to have to make a trip to the southside to try it before it runs out!  No worries, I’ll report my findings.  To keep up with my adventures, follow @sensiblewino on Instagram.

(UPDATE - Tasted the Habaneto Wit Beer and WOW....It's hot, I think my lips are still burning!  I recommend using this as a mixer, maybe for a Bloody Mary.  I'd try this recipe minus the peppers, Spicy Bloody Mary Beer Cocktail)

Coco D - Chocolate Stout

If you like dark chocolate, this one is for you.  They also have a java version on tap in Fishers.

Stirling - Scottish Ale

Roasted nutty taste, packed with flavor.


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