Why Join a Wine Club?

Each month I wait with anticipation to see what my wine club memberships will deliver to my door. Participating in wine clubs allows me to be able to purchase exclusive wines that are not always available to the general public, nor available in wine shops in my city.  Many wine clubs also host member-only events, offer exclusive discounts, and free tastings for me and my guests when visiting the tasting rooms.  Some of my favorite wine clubs also include a letter with the shipment including tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, recipes, and upcoming member events.  And many deliver them directly to my door!

*Tip - You must have someone 21 or older to sign for your shipment when it arrives.  If you are not home during the day, this can be a problem.  I recommend enrolling in UPS my Choice and FedEx Mobile and installing the apps on your phone to receive notification of your shipments.  You can then request shipments to be held for pick-up either at a UPS or FedEx location if you will not be at home to sign for them.

My Wine Club Memberships

I currently have seven wine club memberships.  I belonged to twelve wine clubs at one point, but I cancelled five because my wine storage capacity is maxed out.  Even I cannot drink wine that fast!  I try to rotate my memberships every few years to keep variety in my collection. The rule now is, if I add a new wine club membership, I have to cancel one of my existing memberships.

Finger Lakes Region, NY

  • Rooster Hill Vineyards – Penn Yan, NY
  • Damiani Wine Cellars - Burdett, NY
  • Ravines Wine Cellars - Hammondsport, NY

Santa Barbara County, CA

  • Saarloos & Sons - Los Olivos, CA

Verde Valley, AZ

  • Caduceus Cellars – Jerome, AZ
  • Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery – Cornville, AZ

Indianapolis, IN

  • Mass Ave Wine Shop – Indianapolis, IN

Take a look at the great wine club shipments I received this month!

Rooster Hill  

Penn Yan, NY – Finger Lakes

Rooster Hill May Wine Club

I am a Cellar Door Club member at Rooster Hill.  This means that I receive 2 bottles four times a year, March, May, September, and November.  Membership also allows me to have complimentary tastings, bottle purchase discounts, and invitations to member-only events, such as the Summer Steak Roast and Holidays on the Hill.

This month I received:

2015 Rosé

I just returned from a visit to Rooster Hill prior to receiving my May club shipment.  While I was there, I tasted and bought this wine, so I was really excited to see it in my wine club shipment.  Click here to read more.

Website tasting notes, “Rooster Hill’s Rose is a delicate and rich wine made primarily from Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir. Ripe, red fruit flavors combine with subtle herbal notes creating a wine with intense flavor and a soft, clean finish.”

2015 Traminette

Website tasting notes, “This lovely white wine exhibits fresh citrus notes with a hint of tangerine complimented by baking spices.  Pairs well with Asian cuisine and spicy dishes.”



Rooster Hill Wine Club May 2016 Newsletter - Page 1

Rooster Hill Wine Club May 2016 Newsletter - Page 1

Rooster Hill Wine Club May 2016 Newsletter - Page 2

Rooster Hill Wine Club May 2016 Newsletter - Page 2


Sarloos & Sons

Los Olivos, CA - Santa Barbara County

I discovered Sarloos & Sons a few years ago while on vacation in the Santa Barbara County wine region.  Oddly enough, it was the manager of a wine shipping location, where I was packaging my wine for shipment, that told me I needed to go to Sarloos and try Motherhood, an amazing Pinot Noir.  I did, and fell in love with it, along with several of their other wines. Without hesitation, I joined the wine club that day.

I am a member of their 3 Bottles a Quarter Club, which allows me to receive 1 bottle of each wine they make throughout the year.  One of the things I think is cool about Sarloos & Sons is that they post videos about the wines contained in that quarter's wine shipment.  Check out their video for the Spring Wine Club shipment.

This month I received:

Sarloos & Sons May Wine Club

2014 Matriarch, My GrandMother - Estate Grenache Blanc

Website notes, “100% Estate ECR VINEYARD, Hand Picked by Our Family in 2014, Partially Barrel Aged 1 Year, Partially Stainless Steel, Bottled in 2015, Bottle Aged 1 Year”

2013 Patriarch, My GrandFather - Estate Mourvèdre  

Website notes, “100% Estate ECR VINEYARD, Hand Picked by Our Family in 2013, Partially Barrel Aged 2 Year, Aged in Oak, Bottled in 2015, Bottle Aged 1 Year”

2013 19Fiftytwo, The Anniversary - Estate Cab/Syrah  

Website notes, “19V1 - The 6Th Anniversary 15% Cabernet 85% Syrah, Windmill and El, Camino Real Vineyards, 100% Estate , Hand Picked by Family in 2013, Barrel Aged 2 Years, Bottled in 2015, Bottle Aged 1 Year”



Mass Ave Wine Shop

Indianapolis, IN

The Mass Ave Wine Shop is a fun little wine shop located in the Mass Ave. District of downtown Indianapolis.  They specialize in wines from around the world that are normally priced under $20.00 a bottle.  On the 3rd Thursday of each month, I receive 3 bottles of wines picked especially for wine club members, along with a small wine-related gift.  I enjoy this because it introduces me to wines I may not be able to efind on my own, and for only $45.00 a month, it is very affordable.

This month I received:

Mass Ave Wine Shop, May Wine Club and Map of Wine Regions in Spain

Gift – A poster sized map of the wine regions in Spain and Portugal

Domaine Font-Mars

2015 Picpoul de Pinet - Appellation D’Origine Protegee

Languedoc Region – France

I’m very interested to try this one.  It is a white wine made with the Piquepoul grape, which I am not sure if I have had before. 

Bottle says, "It’s pale golden robe with glints of green is brought to life by floral notes of roses, and then completed by perfumes of pineapple, litchi and white peaches.”   Serve “with shellfish, or seafood either grilled or in sauces.”

Leconfield Coonawarra

2013 Cabernet Sauvignon

Australia – Coonawarra

Bottle says, “The finished wine expresses elegant, complex layers of rich fruit, fine tannins, aromatic French oak and balanced acidity”

Bodegas Volver

2013 Wrongo Dongo - 100% Monastrell (Mourvèdre)

Jumilla, Spain

Bottle says, “bursting with rich fruit flavors and luscious aromas of sweet and exotic spices.”  Pair with, "roasts, steaks and barbeque” or “lighter dishes as well.”